Kim Kardashian Has Lost Almost 2 Stone On Post-baby Body Diet By Locking Her Fridge And Giving Kanye West The Key! - Exclusive

I've only seen her once. I'm giving her time and space. Kim is just doing her thing with Kanye over at the house, so hopefully I'll get to see more of her in the future when she gets a little bigger. She's a teenie little one right now, he adds.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Planning Wedding This Year [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

Must Read Rihanna Believes in Aliens, Pays a "Sky Scanner" to Track UFO Sight Seeings and Alien Activity Sponsorship Link Kim Kardashian can go for a brunette hair: Kim Kardashian has got ivory skin and light brown eyes. A brunette hairdo will visit this page suit both her facial assets perfectly. Kim Kardashian can go bald: Well this is highly unlikely, but Kim can do anything to get the media talking and going bald is something she has never done before. So what do you think, what kind of hairstyle can Kim Kardashian in coming months?

Already up against plenty of public scrutiny, Lamar is now facing criticism from his own family, including Kim Kardashian , who used to be an ally to the NBA star. A source for British tabloid Heat (via Yahoo !) claims that Kim is now trying to get Khloe to kick Lamar to the curb, especially now that hes dragged the Kardashians spotless reputation, built on sex tapes and sunless tanning, through the mud. If anyone understands what Khloe's going through, it's Kim, says the insider. She's been through rough patches with her boyfriend Kanye and her own divorce from Kris Humphries this year. She hates seeing Khloe like this." Adds the pal, Kim's advised her that if she's going to give Lamar another chance it needs to be the final one.

Our source revealed: "Kims new trainer has told her to focus on putting dates in her salad, she's got a sweet tooth so the dates keep her from snacking. "She's still obsessed with slimming down and trying to like her body again', but she's getting there." After giving birth in June, Kim has remained out of the public eye, going to extreme measures to avoid being photographed. . @KimKardashian has gone back to blonde!

So A wedding could be a happy ending for the new parents and the love birds. Kim Kardashian was shocked to know about Lamar Odom, her brother-in-law was battling with a drug abuse. "Khloe did keep her marriage issues with Lamar a secret from her family for quite some time - no one knew." Khloe Kardashian had been keeping it a secret and had not disclosed the problems with the rest of her family. So when reports came out in recent times that their marriage was in crisis due to his addiction, Kim is said to be surprised with the revelations.

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