True Life: I Got Addicted To The Kim Kardashian Game - Mtv

But I was just getting started a little baby in Kim Kardashians world. Level 5? I was only a n00b. Thats me, in a state of utter confusion about what my life has become. Yesterday, Verizon texted me saying I used up most of my familys family plan data. Once, before falling asleep, I handed my phone to my real-life boyfriend (I dont know how he still loves me) so he could finish the runway show I was starring in. I almost ALMOST bought a pack of Kardashian charms, one of the games two currencies. I suppose I have a little willpower left in me. But that willpower is not reflected in all of the gamers who got snagged into this life-consuming highly addicting game.
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  1. lify1936

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    May 02, 2016